Thermography Home and Buildings

We conduct thermal imaging surveys of houses, flats, stately homes, commercial buildings and industrial premises. Upon completion of a survey we produce a report highlighting our findings and include thermal images and digital images along with our analysis and recommendations.

Thermal surveys of buildings can be grouped in to 5 main types;

  • Electrical Faults
  • Residential / Commercial Heat Loss Surveys
  • Roof Leak Surveys
  • Water or Moisture Ingress Assessment
  • Building Compliance

Electrical Faults

IR_0084  Electrical Fires

Electrical load or faults will fix themselves (but not in the way you THINK)

Residential & Commercial Heat Loss Surveys

Heat Loss

Thermal bridging, air leakage and air infiltration are all ways in which heat is lost or energy is wasted. We highlight these areas and give you recommendations on how to improve the thermal performance of your building.

Roof Leak Surveys

Roof Leak 2
By using high specification equipment we are able to locate and highlight leaks in flat roofs. This can save huge amounts of time and money often allowing clients to carry out minor repairs as opposed to mass renewal of roofs.

Water Leak & Moisture Ingress Surveys

Roof Leak
We are able to locate damp, water ingress and trace sources of water intrusion within buildings easily and effectively without damaging any part of the property. We identified the cause here as a faulty end cap on the guttering.