Thermography Surveys (Marine)

Thermal Survey as a Service

This would include electrical reticulation such as switchboards and motor control panels, and in addition, mechanical faults such as overheating and overloaded motors, bearing and gearbox problems.

Thermal Equipment supplied to vessel

Each vessel is equipped with a handheld Infrared camera, and training supplied in its use. A survey list is provided by CMServices Global Ltd (High voltage, low voltage, MCC panels, mechanical etc.), for regular inspection by crew. Results are analysed by either the Electrical Officer or senior engineering staff. Analysis support is offered by CMServices Global Ltd.

Engine Room Equipment Inspection – SOLAS


SOLAS regulations stipulate maximum surface temperatures within ship engine rooms to prevent catastrophic damage or fire. Our engineers carry out surveys to highlight missing or damaged insulation which allows you to carry out repairs or replacement of only the required areas.